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Why Choose Hedgehog

We’ve created an investment model that allows investors to earn high returns that are not market-dependent. Traditional investments are left to the volatility of the market, while Hedgehog Investments does things a bit differently.

No gimmicks, just higher returns and lower-risk

High-return investments may seem too good to be true. We realize that our investors place a lot of trust in us, and we honor that trust in how we protect your money. Our contracts with you mean that you know exactly what to expect from your investment, and we have the track record to back it up.

We protect Hedgehog investors’
capital in 3 different ways

Rigorous vetting process

The service providers that we work with have a strict vetting process in place and power of attorney to ensure that our capital is used wisely and effectively.

Hedgehog reserves

While every Hedgehog contract has been honored to date, we maintain reserves to ensure that if anything were to happen, we would have the funds to cover anything owed to our clients.

Insured processes

Investor funds flow through an insured trust account, and we make sure your money flows where it needs to, when it needs to, and in the manner it needs to. Our trustee holds professional liability insurance to add another layer of protection should we ever need it.

Achieve your investment goals with Hedgehog

Our proprietary model was created with our investors’ goals at the forefront. By mitigating risk through our unique investment structure, Hedgehog investments can be a great way to start your investment journey or further diversify your portfolio.

Hedgehog can help you reach a variety of investment goals




a home

a family

a business

A track record of top investment performance

With over a decade of using this model to generate returns, we are proud to say that every investor contract to date has been honored to the letter!

The capital we have raised has helped companies obtain more than $190M dollars in 2023 alone.

Our Mission

To increase the accessibility of high-performing investments and give our investors the opportunity to build strategic wealth.

How it works

Take a closer look at our unique investment model.

Dashboard 101

View the Hedgehog dashboard.