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Hedgehog Dashboard

DAY 1:

Your investment is on track

The investment dashboard is meant to keep Hedgehog investors up to date with their performance portfolio. The dashboard has nothing to do with the performance of your investment and is a completely separate system from the investment itself. Think of it as accounting for your investment!

Everything you need in one place

Hedgehog’s investment dashboard has everything investors need to review their portfolio’s performance.

View the summary of your investment and projected earnings in one click.

Review any documents throughout the process.

Forecast your investment to see what you could earn 5 years from now.

Setup is Easy

Our team at Hedgehog will upload all of your information and contracts to get your dashboard up and running. It’s not like a bank account where you have to do all the work. Our team handles everything for you so all you have to do is create a password and you’re ready to view your investment performance!