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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Hedgehog Investments unique? What is an alternative investment? How can you get started? Let’s take a look.

Getting Started with Hedgehog Investments

Simply send our team an email or give us a call to get started building better wealth.
Hedgehog Investments issues you a Promissory Note and Loan Agreement where you are the lender, and we are the borrower. This Loan Agreement has a specified interest rate that we are contract bound to pay.
The minimum required amount to invest with Hedgehog is $50,000 USD.

About Our Model

This is not a traditional investment. We allow you to become a private lender.

Financial Info

Absolutely! As long as each contract you have with us is $50,000 USD or more, we can have as many running contracts as you would like. At each contract maturity date year, you decide how much to keep with Hedgehog Investments. At this point, depending on the total amount you have with us, we can discuss raising your interest rate for each new contract.

Account Info

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