How Our Model Works

We value our clients and treat their resources as though they are our own. We believe that investing should be about building relationships and trust. With a 100% success rate and the proper insurances and safety nets in place - we’re confident that Hedgehog Investments is a critical component to any successful and healthy portfolio.

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Step 1

We Protect Your Capital With Insured Trust Accounts

We put your money into our insured trust accounts with Princeton Law Firm, who have specialized in trust accounts and their management for over 20 years. Every contract is insured and the attorneys at Princeton Law Firm ensure that the contract terms are followed to the letter. From start to finish, your money never leaves that protection.
Step 2

We Use Your Funds To Support Growing Businesses

Princeton Law Firm uses these funds to help businesses repair and manage corporate credit, restructure debt, and obtain long term financing for growth. With strong ties to banks across the country, and a 100% success rate, Princeton only provides these services to businesses they are certain will be successful at completing the process.
Step 3

Your Contract Will Make A Minimum Of 12% Interest

Your promissory note and loan agreement specifies what interest rate you are owed, and it starts at 12%. If you trust us with more money, then the rate goes up. When your contract matures you're interest is due. It’s as simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, send us an email or give us a call.

What kind of investment is this?

This isn't an investment in the normal sense of the word. We allow you to become a lender of private equity.

What am I lending money for?

Our partners have been helping businesses grow for decades. Their clients need them to help repair their credit and obtain long term financing so they can take their businesses to the next level. You help fund this process.

Who is your partner?

Princeton Law Firm. They have over 20 years of experience in repairing credit, reducing debt to income ratios (DTI), and helping clients obtain long term financing for growth. They have long standing relationships with banks around the country and they have a 100% success rate with their model.

So how does this work?

Hedgehog Investments issues you a Promissory Note and Loan Agreement where you are the lender and we are the borrower along with Princeton Law Firm. This Loan Agreement has a specified interest rate that we are contract bound to pay.

How long does a contract last? What is the term?

Each contract lasts one year, at which point you can decide what you want to keep with us for another cycle, and what you want to take out. Anything left with us will then have its own new contract.

How is the money used?

The principal amount provided to Hedgehog is used exclusively by Princeton Law Firm to pay down the debt-to-income ratios of their business clients and then secure new financing for them for the long term.

Where is the money put?

Your money is put in a trust account that is insured for double the balance of the trust and overseen by the attorneys at Princeton Law Firm.

Who is the insurer?

CNA Financial Corporation is the insurance provider, a publicly traded insurance company (NYSE: CNA), which has provided powerful business insurance solutions for over 50 years. Their financial strength is tremendous and they are the 7th largest commercial insurer in the United States.

What type of policy is it and what does it cover?

The insurance policy is a type of general liability insurance called Business Liability Insurance. This protects businesses from claims pertaining to damages to another's property. This means that any event which would prevent Princeton Law Firm from paying back the owed money to a Hedgehog client would result in material damages to the client equal to the amount owed (principal and interest). Such an event would trigger the policy and unlock the insurance money to pay back your money and the interest you are owed.

Has the insurance policy ever been triggered?

No, never.

What other protections are in place for my money?

Princeton Law Firm maintains an emergency fund in case of a business client not being able to complete the full process. This provides an added layer of protection on top of the insurance policy.

What if Princeton Law Firm fails to obtain financing for the business client?

Princeton Law Firm has very strict criteria for the business clients that they help. This is their intellectual property and therefore not outlined here. If, somehow, a business client gets through their vetting process and is not able to obtain financing then that client would be liable to pay for the funds used to help them thus far. If they don't want to pay, then they will be litigated so they honor their commitment. If they don't honor that commitment, then the emergency fund kicks in. If the emergency fund were to run out, then the insurance policy would kick in.

What if that business client fails to grow?

Once Princeton Law Firm obtains new financing for the business client, Hedgehog Investments' client is in first position to have their principal and interest repaid. This means that even if the business client doesn't thrive, Hedgehog Investments' clients are not affected because their money is no longer in play and their interest is secured.

Ok, so what kind of interest rate can I get?

The minimum amount of interest a Hedgehog Investments' client will receive is 12% for the minimum loan amount. The interest rate can then increase from there depending on how much capital you have to lend.

What is the minimum loan amount?

To lend money to Hedgehog Investments you must have at least $50,000 USD.

Those rates are great! But how much will I be taxed each year?

If you keep all of your money in the trust, you won't pay any taxes at all. Whenever you pull out any of your earnings, you will be taxed according to the tax bracket that you are in for that given year.

Can I add money as I go?

Absolutely! As long as you are adding at least $50,000 USD, we can have as many running contracts as you would like. At each contract maturity date year, you decide how much to keep with Hedgehog Investments. At this point, depending on the total amount you have with us, we can discuss raising your interest rate for each new contract.

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